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A. Makarevičius painting is vocal in all the senses. As it is appropriate

to painting, plastic language of the author is vocal with its own colors.

It is important to point out, that in our northern latitude drowned in

mist and nebula it is an atypical and unique case. The author is using a

bright resonant pallet of colors with oppositions formed by a rainbow

specter principle: the surface of the canvas is dominated by a cold bluegreen

that is constantly being fought by warm even hot yellow-orangered

colors. Colors are competing, trying to drive out, overrule and crawl

on top of each other. On the other hand A. Makarevičius painting is also

vocal in its motives, plots, stories and narrations. These are the most

pure plastic and iconographic situations which accommodate hybrid

creatures-people-plants, anthropomorphic shape objects or the most

unusual combinations of these; finally, men and women are sort of a

reminiscent of the Ancient Greek myth about ancient people told by

Plato, they are split in two and till this day are trying to reunite. This

strange combination, the absence of external logic by piecing together

elements that are not always similar and kin, are the characteristic

features of this artist. A. Makarevičius is a creator of paradoxical states,

strange, dream-like and unexpectedly macabre situations; this is where

the roots and the spirit of these vocal situations comes from.

                                                                                                         Art critic dr. Vidas Poškus


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